Vegamar Selección packaging stands out as one of the best in the market, as revealed in one of world’s most acclaimed packaging contests, Pentawards, where Vegamar Selección has been awarded with one “Silver Pentaward”. Our design, developed by Lavernia & Cienfuegos, is a project that pays special attention to the nature of the product itself and the passage of time as identity signs. Photography gains special prominence in this work, giving the product a simple appearance, elegant and warm at the same time. “Wine is vines and time”, as Lavernia & Cienfuegos explain, “because on one hand grapes grow and ripen bit by bit. And in the other hand, the months of elaboration of wine through a delicate, artisanal and somehow unpredictable process.” From these aspects brand identity borns. “A combination of a vine leaf and the passing of time is the raw idea for the image”. The visual identity of the product is complemented with the image of our urban winery, located in calle Colón, and whose impressive design belongs to Fran Silvestre and Alfaro Hofmann. Therefore we feel so lucky, also in what our packaging and corporate image is concerned.PENTAWARDS-2015-134B-LAVERNIA-VEGAMAR-570x5701-300x201

This edition of the Pentawards received 1668 applications from 52 countries across 5 continents. Despite the global economic crisis and the widespread cost-cutting that goes with it, the Pentawards competition this year showed an increase of almost 10% in number of applications over the previous year. Since it was founded in 2007, Pentawards are divided into bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond trophies, being the highest award of this latter contest the trophy that rewards the creative quality. Among the categories included are beverages, food, body, other markets, luxury and miscellaneous. A jury composed of 12 professionals from packaging design and its chairman, from different countries and cultures, all recognized by the industry as the best in their disciplines, valued all designs taking into consideration creativity, brand impact and quality in the execution of the works presented.

Each year the awards ceremony takes place in a different city gathering designers and brand managers from all around the world. For them, this is the only chance over the year to meet and exchange ideas on packaging design. In short, Pentawards help promoting the packaging design among the business community, the media, economic and political authorities and the general public worldwide. This year’s gala took place in London and received about 300 attendants amongst designers and brand managers from 33 countries.

Since its foundation in 2007, the Pentawards have seen the number of participants increasing steadily and is now recognized as the most important award in the world of packaging design. Furthermore, biennially, the famous publisher Taschen produces a book with over 400 pages including the winning designs over two years.


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