The height wines from Calles close the year with more than thirty international medals and outstanding scores in the main guides.


Annus mirabilis. This could be the 2016 title for Bodegas Vegamar, because of the light rain of awards, medals and international entries that our wines collected, both young and aged in oak barrels, in our country, but also in France, Germany, the United States, United Kingdom Belgium or Canada.

unnamed-3We started 2016 with two of the four golds available for wines from Valencia at the International Awards CINVE, the second most important contest of Spain. 2015 White Vegamar, with the freshness and intensity of aromas of the Sauvignon Blanc and the point of sweetness that gives the Moscatel, and the 2014 Vegamar Esencia, mainly elaborated from the local Garnacha and Syrah, with 14 months in barrels.

We continue in Mundus Vini, the most important contest in Germany, with six medals. Two golds, again for the 2015 White Vegamar and for 2013 Vegamar Crianza, gaining in complexity due to its passage by new barrels.

Four wines achieved silver medals: the single-varietal Syrah, Grenacha and Merseguera, of the Vegamar Selección line, and the new 2014 Vegamar Esencia, which added his second award before going to market.

In Vinalies Internationales, one of the most prestigious competitions of France, we won the only medal for Valencia, one silver for our 2015 Sweet Vegamar.

Back in Spain, the Bacchus awards, the most reputated in Spain, with the only gold available and most awarded winery of the DOP Valencia, with gold to the 2012 Vegamar Reserva and silvers for 2015 Merlot Rosé and 2014 Esencia Vegamar.unnamed-2

In the United States, 4 medals at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition in Rochester (NY). The 2015 Vegamar Selección Syrah, one of the five Spanish gold, justified its recent accession to the Vegamar Selección line. The red wines with aging, 2014 Esencia Vegamar, 2012 Vegamar Reserva and 2013 Vegamar Crianza, won all silvers.

Furthermore, another release of this year, the 2015 Vegamar Selección Merlot Rosé, premiered a big way with a Grand Gold at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. It is the first Spanish rosé in ten years that achieves this rating. A new gold, and now number three, to the 2015 White Vegamar. And two silvers, for Vegamar Selección Grenacha and Vegamar Cava Brut Nature.

In the International Wine Challenge and Decanter, in UK, we received nine medals in total.

In the Decanter were five awards, highlighting the 2015 Vegamar Selección Garnacha, which won a silver.

In the International Wine Challenge were four awards, with silver for 2015 Vegamar Selección Syrah. This wine also won a medal in the Decanter.

With bronze medals returned the 2015 Red Esencia, also in both competitions, and 2013 Vegamar Crianza and 2014 Vegamar Reserva, both aged in French oak barrels. This last Reserva is made from a blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah, much to the taste of the English market.

The White Vegamar also won a bronze in the two events.

In June, 2015 Vegamar White got its fourth gold, in the Baco awards, organized by the Spanish Tasters Union.


Shortly afterwards, 2015 White Vegamar achieved its fifth gold, in Citadelles du Vin in Bordeaux, while 2015 Vegamar Selección Syrah and 2015 Vegamar Esencia, obtained two silver.


And as final culmination, 4 golds in Sélections Mondiales des Vins in Canada: 2014 Vegamar Esencia, 2012 Vegamar Reserva, 2013 Vegamar Crianza and 2015 Sweet White Vegamar.


In addition, the specialized guides continue to ascend our wines above the 90 outstanding points of excellence.


Nine of them in the Semana Vitivinícola guide, dean magazine of the world of wine in Spain, highlighting the 94 points of 2014 Esencia, 2013 Crianza and the 2015 Syrah Selección.


In the Peñín Guide, the most prestigious of our country, two wines, Vegamar Esencia and Vegamar Reserva, achieve the outstanding with 90 points. And Vegamar Crianza, appears as the best rated breeding of the DOP Valencia.

Just one point away, there are some references of the Vegamar Selección line, which makes it a collection of extraordinary value for money.unnamed


For the Sin Mala Uva Guide, 2015 Sweet Vegamar is among the four best sweets of the year, having been scored with 94 points. And Vegamar Selección Sauvignon Blanc 2015 reaches the 90 points of the outstanding.


Finally, in the Intervinos Guide, five wines have been placed among the best, above 90 points: 2014 Vegamar Esencia, 2015 White Vegamar, 2015 Vegamar Selección Merseguera, 2015 Vegamar Selección Merlot Rosé and 2015 Vegamar Selección Garnacha.


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