• Four medals for this winery which claims the potential of its High Altitude Mediterranean Wines at the head Turia river.
  • The red wine Vegamar Garnacha 2014 has five national and international awards so far this year.

Vegamar has been placed this year as the most awarded winery from Valencia Region in the annual competition organized by the PROAVA association, aimed to promote Valencia’s food and agriculture quality. In total there were four medals with as many wines that were  collected by our winemaker Maripaz Quilez on Thursday 9th during the “Mostra de Vins y Aliments” hosted at the Turia Gardens between April 9 and 12.

They participated more than forty wineries and cooperatives of the three provinces totaling more than 150 references, that’s why at Vegamar we are especially happy and proud of the result on the blind tastings of the prestigious jury that meets PROAVA every year.

The Vegamar Crianza 2012, that came to the contest as a scoop as it just hit the market a few days ago, won a Gold Medal. It is a blend of Tempranillo with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, all grown in the vineyards of Calles, in the Alto Turia, close to the winery. Is the new vintage of Vegamar Crianza where new oak barrels are to be seen giving a renewed aromatic point to the wine.

The Vegamar Blanco 2014 also won a medal, silver in this case, adding this recognition to other recent awards. It seems that the public is eager for these fresh white wines from the Alto Turia, in Valencia, where the contribution of the local Moscatel to the popular Sauvignon Blanc, which has acclimatized so well to the altitude of Calles, gives elegance and uniqueness to the wines. This new blend from grapes of the estate has been a success also for the critics.

Among the honorable mentions it’s included the Vegamar Dulce 2014, the youngest of the winery and a whole luxury Moscatel that has a singularity: just nine degrees of alcohol and hundred grams per liter of natural sugar. It is a sweet wine but that refreshes and it can accompany appetizers and desserts without the counterpart of high alcohol levels. Innovation with the Moscatel variety and a hundred percent natural sweet wine are the secrets of this wine.

Pablo Ossorio streches the Garnacha Tintorera from the Alto Turia

Undoubtedly one of the greatest joys is giving Bodegas Vegamar this year is a young red wine and that behind its simplicity has an incredible potential. This is the Vegamar Selección Garnacha 2014, which at PROAVA 2015 has also received a medal becoming like this the most awarded red from the 2014 harvest in Valencia, during the first three months of the year.

Previously to this medal, it won a Gold medal in the German competition Mundus Vini 2015, a Silver medal at Vinalies 2015 and Bacchus 2015.

The Grenache is one of the varieties in which the new technical manager of the winery, Pablo Ossorio, has high expectations for growth in value in young red wines

It was a denigrated plant in the recent past but in the highlands surrounding Calles it can give great wines, and has quickly become evident with the 2014 vintage in the different national and international competitions where it has gone.

To the cellar, these awards are an encouragement to continue on a path of evolution that, without losing the attachment to the land, takes the wines of Alto Turia to new consumers without prejudices.

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