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Height mediterranean wine

Hello everyone and welcome to Bodegas Vegamar blog, where we’ll be talking about wine, food, viticulture, health and many other subject related to our passion “the wine”.

We define our project as High Altitude Mediterranean wines, as Bodegas Vegamar is located above 600m, where we grown our vines with the minimal intervention and free of chemical treatments.

This altitude, the influence of the Mediterranean Sea and the isolation, prevents disease and reduces the yield, giving more concentrated flavors and aromas and enhancing the antioxidants and the acids, so beneficial to our health and producing wines with extraordinary and unique organoleptic characteristics.

First things first, why we created Bodegas Vegamar so long ago?

We started with 3 clear goals, that stile are the basis of all we do.

Quality: Producing high quality wines with personality, expressing the Mediterranean aromas and flavors from our own grapes. Using native grapes (Tempranillo, Merseguera, Garnacha, Moscatel…) and international grapes (Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah)

Respect for the environment: Using a preventive viticulture, avoiding the use of herbicides and pesticides, using natural fertilizers and a reasonable fight against insects and pests.

Sustainability: Contributing to the development of “La Serrania” region in an economical, social and environmental level. Bringing back the region its viticulture tradition and splendor, lost in the last century.

All this hard work and effort result in a wide range of Wines, Cavas and Extra Virgin Olive Oils, that are incredibly food-friendly and capable of matching even the most sophisticated dishes.

We’ll keep you here posted about our latest releases, news… We hope you enjoy our post and more important, our wines.

If you want further information concerning our project, please visit us at


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