Height mediterranean wine

In our previous post http://goo.gl/CfkkNh  we introduce the concept of “Height Mediterranean Wines” that gives personality and a sense of place to our wines, making them quite unique.

Now, we’ll go deeper into this concept and we’ll love to hear your comments and opinions, as the main goal of this blog is all about sharing. Sharing experiences, knowledge, fun… whatever you feel like sharing, so we can all enjoy more our passion “The Wine”

What makes our wines special is the particular location of our vineyards at 600-700m height in a valley, surrounded by the mountains of La Serrania and the rivers; Turia and Tuejar letting us isolated from other winegrowers, so we can have a better control of our own vines and avoiding possible contaminations from pest and vine diseases from other vineyards. Been in the valley also helps avoiding frosts in early spring and hail

Due to this height, the temperatures are lower and the difference between the day and night time temperatures higher, what  makes that the vines at Bodegas Vegamar have a longer maturity period concentrating, more anthoyanins and colour, which turns into a broader and more diverse aromas and flavours, less astringent and more elegant and smoother wines. But also healthier, as the anthoyanins are the antioxidant components that produce health benefits in the wine.

The Mediterranean Sea wind refreshes the vines gently and constantly, avoiding moisture accumulation in the grapes and providing a healthier and slower ripening

Water stress, due to the lack of rain in our region, concentrates flavour, aroma, and colour while inhibits fungal and helps our sustainable agriculture.

All these special characteristics influence our vines, grapes and finally our wines, making them quite unique with a great value for money, a sense of place incredibly food-friendly and capable of matching even the most sophisticated dishes.

If you want to know more about our wines, please have a look at our web site www.bodegasvegamar.com/EN

As we said before, please feel free to share your opinions and comments, we’ll love to red you

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